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I haven't seen any muslim bloggers denounce the AllahBlogger yet, though I'm sure that it is forthcoming. But personally I think Allah is in the House is an amusing parody of the same extremist element that I have criticized strongly on this site many times. And even though it was already painfully obvious that the site is not hateful in the same way that the coments at LGF are, the AllahBlogger has decided to make it explicit:

I want to make clear that I have nothing against Muslims--or the adherents of any other faith, for that matter--who practice their religion peacefully. This site is intended as a parody of the radical Islamist mindset with which Americans have become only too familiar in the past two years. I tried alluding in my last post to the distinction between radical and moderate Islam by having "Allah" remark that most of his disciples pray only for innocuous, beneficent things like food and good health. To those moderate Muslims who read this site, then, I'd ask you to bear in mind that there's no malice directed here at you or your beliefs, and I apologize if any offense is given. To any radical Muslims who should read this site, I'd ask you to bear in mind that I hope you die soon, and painfully.

If you haven't actually read some of the posts, consider this post a warm endorsement. I'm also thankful that there aren't comments. One cesspool of hatred is enough.

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