a letter to Soundvision.com

I have been absolutely disgusted with how you have let the forums be hijacked by anti-Islamic extremists, jihadists, and fools.

I am pleased you have shut down the forums. You must take a public stand however and modify your policies to explicitly state that NO such behavior will be tolerated. You must assign moderators who will police the forums and ban offensive users by IP address. You must take responsibility henceforth that such bile and hatred do not continue, lest the good name of Islam be further associated with such craven evil.

You must make a PUBLIC statement to that effect and acknowledge that your forums had been a diseased source of hatred, and your EXPLICIT intent to make it clean.

If you do not embrace these responsibilities, you will find that Soundvision.com will no longer be seen by Muslims as a site friendly to Islamic values of peace and tolerance. I hope that you do not make sanctions or boycotts necessary.

Aziz Poonawalla

(thanks to LGF for bringing this to my attention)

UPDATE: SoundVision.com responds:

Assalamu alaikum
Our feelings exactly. But with volunteers we can only monitor that much.
Although we were deleting and banning but there IP's are not the same. They
keep changing and talking.

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