Jewish Arrival Day

Jonathan is coordinating a blog-burst to celebrate Jewish Arrival Day in North America:

As I've explained before, Arrival Day commemorates the landing of the first Jewish settlers in New Amsterdam on September 7, 1654. This September 7 - which is six weeks away - will be the 349th anniversary of the American Jewish community.

Arrival Day is different from other Jewish holidays in that it is a purely secular occasion - a celebration of the Jewish ethnic group rather than the Jewish religion. As such, non-Jews are allowed, and indeed encouraged, to participate. Just as everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day, on Arrival Day everyone is Jewish.

On each of the Sundays between now and September 7, I will continue the countdown to Arrival Day by writing about American Jewish history, the American Jewish community today or my own experience as a Jew and an American. September 7 itself will be the date of the Arrival Day Blogburst. (Yes, I realize how presumptuous it is for a C-list blogger like me to call for a blogburst, but I have to start somewhere.)

Everyone, whether Jewish or non-Jewish, is welcome to take part in the blogburst. Those who want to participate can post on any topic having to do with Jews and Judaism, and need not do so from a Jewish point of view; gentile readers are welcome to write about their encounters with Jews or Jewish culture, or any other relevant Jewish-related subject. I will link to all Arrival Day posts.

Jonathan's blog is titled "The Head Heeb" and he defines "Heeb" as a "culturally Jewish" identity moniker. As such it's a great way to celebrate the impact of Jews on American culture and for all of us - including muslims like me - to be Heebs for a day.

So let's all be Heebs on September 7th!

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