the lamentation of the liberals

ok, he just sold me:

QUESTION: What about the immigrant population?

SCHWARZENEGGER: Everyone is welcome. As you know, I'm an immigrant. I came over here as an immigrant. What gave me the opportunities, what made me be able to be here today, is the open arms of Americans. I have been received. I have been adopted to America. I have gotten all the opportunities because of America. I have seen first hand, coming over here, with empty pockets, but full of dreams, full of desire, full of will, to succeed. But with the opportunities that I had available, I could make it. And that's what I want everyone to be able to do. This is why we have to get back and bring California back where it once was.

Arnold for Governor! (no disrespect to Bustamante, but Arnold's just.. Arnold.) For the first time I actually wish I lived in California.

UPDATE: there's a lot of call for Feinstein to step back in as a party saviour, but I personally don't see why the Governornship makes much difference. Personally if there's any Democrat who deserves to get the nod, it is Lt Gov Bustamante. I don't see why Feinstein should abandon the Senate (and imperil her seat) just to run for Governor. Bustamante is eminently qualified to run and his name is indeed on the ballot.

Keep in mind also that Schwarzenegger is a moderate - he is pro gay and pro-choice, and is a true fiscal conservative. He may be loyal to his party, but that hardly means that he will be a threat if he is governor - after all, California has plenty of Bush haters, well enough to counter the threat. There's as much chance of Bush taking California in 2004 as there is of a Democrat taking Texas.

I just don't see te CA recall outcome as ultimately relevant to the 2004 campaign. Arnold has real potential.

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