even New York was once Baghdad

New York got to be Baghdad for a day. The Iraqis, bless their generous souls, have some advice for Americans in a summer blackout, compiled from their own experiences since the fall of Saddam. My favorite:

3: CALL IN THE IRAQIS. Some suggested the Americans ask the Iraqis how to get the power going again. "Let them take experts from Iraq," said Alaa Hussein, 32, waiting in a long line for gas because there was no electricity for the pumps. "Our experts have a lot of experience in these matters."

*grin* the circle is now complete. But not every Iraqi is sympathetic - Iraqi anger towards American rule is no laughing matter. There really is no comparison between America's blackout yesterday and the ongoing struggle that Iraqis have for basic services.

(with apologies to They Might Be Giants)

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