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Ikraam has chided me for my LGF obsession, but I think it can be justified by pointing out that in the dank caves of the comments threads, sometimes truly scholarly and educated debates can occur. For example, Tte LGF thread in response to the Najaf car bombing ("Muslim kill Muslim") contains a brilliant scheme by someone whose influences seem to be equal parts Steven Den Beste, equal parts Ann Coulter. After being careful to explain to the LGF audience that "Obvously not every Muslim is an Islamofascist, not even every Arab Muslim.", Dean Douthat then proceeds:

US and IDF forces capture Mecca and Medina, ejecting all Muslims. The requisite response by Arab and other Muslim armies will set them up for easy destruction in desolate settings far from collateral civilian damage. An aerial turkey-shoot whereby the "Sword of Allah" comes to nothing.

Next, the Mecca/Medina franchises are operated by Jews, preferrably females. Access is only by El Al, again preferrably with all-female crews. This should complete the destruction of Islamofascist mythology.

Eventually, once Muslim reformers have been freed to work on Islam, Mecca/Medina can be returned to Arabic/Muslim control. But only after demonstrated reform, abandonment of Sharia, acceptance of secular and religiously tolerant government, etc.

Interestingly, the nations of the world have not yet contacted Dean Douthat offering him the mantle of leadership and guidance.

Another poster, mommydoc, critiques the plan by pointing out a fatal flaw:

The one thing that makes me wonder how successful we can be, even in your scenario, is that we are sealing with a mindest and culture totally unlike any of those we encountered in WWI and WWIII.

The Europeans we fought still came from a JudeoChristian background and shared somewhat similar cultures. Even the Japanese are more similar.

Truly, the relative similarity of Japanese culture to Judeo-Christian religion had escaped me until this moment. From such a vantage point, the alienness of Arabs/Muslims/whatever is readily apparent.

Interestingly, Brian Tiemann might disagree. He has found conclusive evidence that the attitude of Iraqis towards our occupation is actually one of unvarnished appreciation. Perhaps for bringing them into civilzation, or perhaps just for liberating them from the evil influence of Johnny Walker.

but back to LGF. A third poster, Promethea, sidesteps the concerns raised by mommydoc and suggests that warfare is preferably avoided:

Although all these "total war" scenarios are frightening to think about, I'm glad that various posters on lgf are suggesting plans of action. There is too much "politeness" in the general populace, and it's much better if people start discussing what needs to be done in order to win the war on terrorism. That being said, it would be nice if major warfare could be avoided. However, we all need to think about various courses of action. I don't have a particular one to suggest, but I have thought about destroying Mecca and Medina as one possibility.

It's interesting that Promethea doesn't seem to realize that he and momydoc are in agreement that Dean Douthat's scheme is unworkable. However, the discussion is largely moot - as Trent Telenko points out, the bombing is actually a sign of our occupation's success. Oops - this is the correct link, sorry about that. Trent:

The Rebuilding of Iraq will be won or lost with the cooperation of the largest ethnic group in Iraq, the Arab-Shia.

The car bombing is a case of the Iranian Mullahs and Al-Qaeda cooperating to take down the growning success of the Shia-American alliance in the south of Iraq.

The bombing was a sign, ignored by the media, that the American occupation policy was working.

This is of course rather optimistic, but what worries me is that if Trent is right (and he may well be), then what conclusion do we draw from the bombing of the UN compound? That the UN's nefarious anti-human-rights objectively pro-Saddam scheming is also succeeding? Disquieting, if true.

There is much more informative debate in the thread, including a revealing psychological assessment of Arab culture as an institutionalized sociopathy. To all LGF detractors, next time you see LGF's comments boards denigrated on other weblogs, I urge you to remember this thread.

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