more endorsement of Arnold

well, I consider it an endorsement when the Family Research Council says this about a candidate:

Arnold Schwarzenegger's bid to replace Gov. Gray Davis (D-CA) has excited many Californians who are eager to rid themselves of Davis's ultra left-wing agenda. As we pointed out in Tuesday's Update, Davis recently signed into law a bill that fines companies and non-profit organizations $150,000 if they turn away transsexual job applicants. Gov. Davis is very obviously no friend of the family. But while the desire to replace Davis is understandable, Californians must be careful not to swap him out with another governor who is just as beholden to the pro-abortion, pro-gay agenda. Most of the reports surrounding Schwarzenegger's entry into the gubernatorial race mention that he strongly favors the so-called "right to abortion" as well as "gay rights." California is at a crossroads. It has the opportunity to elect a governor who respects the sanctity of both life and marriage. The voters of California should look past the celebrity facade surrounding this election and choose a governor who will protect life rather than "terminate" it, and who will defend marriage rather than deconstruct it.

poor Bustamonte, sadly, did not even merit an honorable mention. Since I don't give a rat's behind about the Democratic Party, and I think that having Arnold as governor would only embarass Bush on the domestic front by way of comparison, I just think Arnold is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I hope he wins. We could use some more principled conservatives for a change to prove the lie.

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