Idi Amin in Hell

Idi Amin, brutal dictator, dead at age 80.

In a military coup in 1971, Amin ousted Ugandan leader Milton Obote and seized power.

He declared himself president and began a reign seen as one of the bloodiest in African history -- earning Amin the nickname "Butcher of Uganda."

During Amin's dictatorial rule from 1971-79, Ugandans were gripped in a climate of fear as an estimated 500,000 people disappeared or were killed.

Amin garnered a fearsome reputation as a sadistic leader surrounded by death; he was even reported to be a cannibal.

His political downfall came in 1979, when Tanzanian troops and Ugandan dissidents stormed his palace in Kampala, overthrowing the government.

Amin went into exile in Saudi Arabia, where his friendship with King Faisal helped ease the way for a quiet retirement.

emphasis mine - I suppose Amin, as friend of Faisal, is the friend of a friend of Bush, n'est ce pas?

Allah's mercy is infinite, but the voices of Amin's victims' will seal his fate.

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