the world does not revolve around Israel

I pretty much agree with her prescription for action, but in making it Yourish wrongly asserts that "The horrible terror attacks in Madrid yesterday had their (ideological) origins in Israel." Apart from being a crass rhetorical attempt to leverage the Spaniards' tragedy for her own political cause, it also seems to run afoul of the simple fact that there aren't any messianic Zionists building hilltop settlements in Catalonia.

For the record, if it was truly Al-Qaeda who was responsible for the bombings in Madrid, Yourish's attempt to draw a link between AlQ and the IP is equally tenous. The Palestinians are worthless, apart from being propaganda pawns to inflame Arab support, in the priority pyramid of Al-Qaeda's affairs.

Al-Qaeda's ideological origin was the Persian Gulf War I and the establishment of American troops on Saudi soil, which is apparently the signature event that drive Osama bin Laden from being a US-trained freedom fighter in Afghanistan to a complete and utter nutjob who thinks he's gonna be the next Caliph Yazid (LA).

The Al-Qaeda cause has always been about pan-Islamic unity under an extremist, fundamentalist interetation as the glue that binds. The Palestinians have essentially nothing to add to this, because their struggle is a political one and not ideological (Arafat's original PLO was an ideological brother of the Ba'ath Party, which Al-Qaeda has long opposed).

The tragedy belongs to Spain, and the enemy is Al-Qaeda. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is irrelevant, regardless of whether you think it's a struggle rooted in land dispute or pure hatred of Jews. Making such a bald assertion only disrespects the Spanish civilians who were martyred for being free.

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