Barack Obama for Illinois

It looks like CNN has stopped updating the delegate scorecard, which suggests that the impact of further delegates being assigned will indeed be significantly lessened. However, despte not really earning any additional delegates after Vermont, I think that the delegate campaign did have one success in that Kerry has clearly decided to try and utilize Dean as a visible spokesperson and part of the campaign - as Dean demonstrated on MTP on Sunday, he's good at it. Notably absent are Gephardt and Lieberman from similar roles, which means that the Dean movement retains it's influence. Tomorrow the focus will shift to the new organization, so I feel confident in finally dropping the active mantle of the delegate campaign.

One major event yesterday though was the primary victory of Illinois state Senator Barack Obama. Obama is an incredible candidate and will be one to watch. He makes for a natural Dean ally and I hope that Dean is able to assist him in winning the seat at stake in my original home state of IL. There's an excellent biography of Obama from the Washington Post that is a must-read - the man is an inspiring and principled candidate for office and he is exactly the kind of politician that can meet the raised bar of expectations of the Dean movement.

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