Indian blogger: Jivha the Tounge

I came across an interesting blog in my Technorati referral, called Jivha the Tounge. Seems to be an India-based blogger, and has a secular bent. We disagree on the value of the islamic civil code in India, I think it's a good mainstreaming policy and as the TNR article stated a way to undercut any call for Shari'a. The concept of the Islamic civil code dates back to the British Raj and is dedicated more to the form of legal process rather than any additional "rights" (I find the argument that the Code amounts to special favors functionally equivalent to the conservative argument that gays in America are seeking "special treatment").

Jovha's post on the documentary Father, Son and Holy War about the Gujarat pogrom against muslims was especially interesting. It would be interesting to get Jivha together with Razib, Conrad, and Zachary for a discussion about the future of Indo-Pakistan. Though we'd need to give Conrad a 5-paragraph handicap ;)

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