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an Iraq / Al-Qaeda link?

Osama bin Laden denounces Saddam

No secret meeting in Prague between Mohammed Atta and Iraqi officials.

The War we should be fighting

Al Gore speech on security and national defense

pro-war liberals reconsider

Interview with Peter Bergen: part 1, part 2

An incomplete reply to Den Beste's Strategic Overview

Magneto Appeal
- and the lack of a counter-ideology

a critical assessment of the neocon rationale - Chaos is the goal (my analysis)

Why Iraq if not WMD?

Project for a New American Century has been advocating American military intervention in the Middle East since well before September 11th - in fact well before the present Bush Administration.

Egypt is the prize? WTF?

Team B returns

The Wrong War

distracted from the war on Terror, cause and effect

Evolution of Al-Qaeda v2.0, Terrorism, Inc., Phil Carter's analysis, second analysis, Peter Bergen interview, UN report on Al-Qaeda

Lack of planning pre-war, commitment post-war

requirements for proper nation-building (summary: we need more MPs!)

Bush will cut and run from Iraq (TNR), same fear from Weekly Standard

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