Kyoto-blogging: the plan

In mid-May, I will be attending the 12th annual International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine (ISMRM) conference, which is held this year in Kyoto, Japan.

I intend to take a digital camera and document this trip. If the pattern holds true, there won't be much time for sight-seeing, since the ISMRM conmference is a demanding one (and I'm attending to present a poster and actually learn a few things). But my hotel will likely be the Kyoto Park Hotel, adjacent to many of the city's cultural treasures, and I'll have to commute to the convention center each day. So there will be lots of opportunity for tangential recording of my surroundings.

Unfortunately, I don't have a decent digital camera that can do mpeg-4 video, so this whole plan hinges on scrounging up enough cash to get one :) But I have a few months to save up yet and I think I can get the resources I'll need together. If not, I'll still have my super cheapo .5-megapixel freebie digicam that came with my new Dell. It's barely adeuate but something is better than nothing. I'll provide more details in subsequent posts about my planned itinerary.

I'd like to ask any readers with any knowledge or familiarity of Japan to please chime in with advice and travel tips from your personal experiences.

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