trust and honor

Alternate Reality:

An outraged President Bush immediately demanded the names of those responsible for exposing Ms. Plame. He repeated his father's statement that 'those who betray the trust by exposing the names of our sources' are 'the most insidious of traitors.' There are limits to politics, Mr. Bush declared; Mr. Wilson's decision to go public about his mission had embarrassed him, but that was no excuse for actions that were both felonious and unpatriotic.

yeah, right.

What the current Administration doesn't understand is the essence of patriotism: doing what's best for the country. Loyalty to America, not to a political party. Respecting the sacrifice of career patriots like Wilson, who stayed behind in Baghdad during the first Gulf War to rescue hundreds of Americans who would have been stranded, or like Plame, who risked her life undercover in the field to track down dangerous weapons of mass destruction.

The current Administration instead chose to harm the security of the United States, as political payback.

History shall judge, but those present have a duty to accuse.

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