bylines at TAPPED as impetus for blogroll change

with the addition of bylines at TAPPED, I imagine that Matthew Yglesias will be posting even more frequently. It's time to drop Matt's original and venerable blog from my blogroll - it's safe to assume that his creative energies are going to be focused on TAPPED for the time being, so that's where I'm going to go for my Yglesian wisdom henceforth.

Also welcome my friend Jason Stafford to the blogsphere, at his new blog, Demented Fantasia. The UNMEDIA blogroll nepotism policy remains active as a filter on reciprocation requests, so please don't bother. But do head over to Jason's blog and encourage him to post his contrarian, conservative, libertarian GOP card carrier views with high frequency!

And, welcome Jen Hayward back to the Blogsphere - her new TypePad blog Palace by the Sea obsoletes her original blogspot-hosted Umbrella Noir. Jen is the sweetest soul in the universe, and she's ten times the writer that I am - she almost approaches Zahra-Lileks status for compelling personal prose.

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