Best Buy Bucks Blegging

Seeing as how other bloggers have reported success beyond their wildest imaginings with their pledge drives, Im emboldened to try my own hand at this. But with a twist - I don't want Pay Pal donations or Amazon wishlist items. I want your McDonald's Monopoly Game Best Buy Bucks Gampieces.

The problem is that the Best Buy Bucks only come attached to large fries, which is the menu item I am least likely to buy (I personally prefer buying a Big Mac without cheese and a medium coke. I then refill the coke once to get maximum value). So maybe other people buying the occassional large fry but who have no intention of driving to Best Buy to spend a single lousy BBB$1 might be willing to lend me theirs.

My intention in amassing these Best Buy Bucks is to buy the Finding Nemo DVD for my 18 month old daughter. Her current favorite movie is Monsters, Inc., so I think the Nemo DVD will go over well.

So, if you've been to McDonald's recently and bought a large fries, and don't plan on using your Best Buy Bucks, email me!

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