the process never ends

Thomas of Newsrack blog reflects on his support for the war, and finds the cause wanting:

But wrongly attacking is wrongly attacking, and unfortunately for my position, there is little evidence of violations yet. Perhaps there never were violations after all. So the gamble I supported -- despite the lack of direct evidence, and merely on the say-so of my President, his allies, and other country's intelligence services -- has apparently not paid off the way I thought it would, and there's a high price tag in dollars and lives I share responsibility for, in my own small measure. I'll support paying that price, and support caring for the veterans and their families who bear the brunt of that price. Like Will, I'll take some measure of satisfaction in the demise of a truly evil regime, and hope that what follows next in Iraq will be better.

Thomas is one of the very few people who supported this war whom I respect, precisely because of his determination in thinking things through, no matter what conclusion they lead him to. It was unpalatable to him, but he still supported the war based on his reading of the facts. This post of his is no less courageous.

What's needed now though is determination to finish the war. And given the Administration's schizophremia on this score, it's clear to me that we need a Howard Dean, not a George Bush (or a Dennis Kucinich) to do the job.

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