why it matters

Matthew's perspective always drills to the bone:

The war cannot be unfought and everyone, hawk or dove, needs to deal with that reality. The questions then become, on the one hand, what should we do with postwar Iraq, and on the other hand, what should we do with president Bush. It seems to me that if Bush is the sort of president who you think has a tendency to lead the country into wars based on fraudulent evidence, then your answer to that second question should be "get rid of him."

If, by some remarkable coincidence, Bush's fraudulent evidence happened to point toward the invasion of some country that you � for entirely different reasons � also wanted to see invaded, then I think you should consider yourself lucky indeed. Still, you have to wonder whether the next bogus war is going to be one you approve of.

I should point out, via Billmon, that the next bogus war already seemed to have started (albeit briefly).

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