delusional fantasy

I shall reproduce, without further comment, Israpundit's Ssh! Super Secret! What's Really Going On bullet points:

1. Israel had a significant role in the Iraq war.

2. US delivered Apachi helicopters to Israel prior to the war ostensibly for Israel�s own needs. Israeli pilots flew these Apachis to a base in eastern Jordan where there flew many missions at night with US special units.

3. Israeli drones were used extensively in Iraq because they looked like US missiles on Iraqi radar. When the radar honed in the US was able to locate every radar installation and then knock them out. This was huge help in war. One drone was shot down but Iraq never figured out how US knew the location of the radar.

4. Russia told Hussein one month before the war to remove all WMD to Syria and told Hussein to make many tapes to be played after. Iraq transported all the WMDs to Syria to be buried in Beka Valley in Lebanon. They did it at night so as not to be detected by Israeli or US satellites. It didn�t help. The satellites were able to detect where soil had been disturbed and put back so the exact location is know. It will come out during elections in the US. Debka first called it.

5. Syria has been given their marching orders. Syria has withdrawn all troops from Lebanon except for the Beka Valley where they have been ordered by the US to protect the WMD. Later they will be taken back to Iraq where they will be destroyed in the appropriate way.

6. Hezbollah has been ordered to withdraw from the Israel border and to get in line. They are complying for the same reason Syria is, namely, the jig is up.

7. In Iran there will be a revolution in the fall when the students come back to school. The US is beaming in all kinds of radio and television to Iranians in their own language and telling them the truth. The Mullahs are on the run. They overreacted with the Canadian Reporter.

8. Europe and Russia are now coming down on Iran and are expected to levy a trade embargo in the fall, which will start the revolution. We see signs of that starting now.

9. No US troops will be involved until the presidential elections are over.

10. Now that Hussein�s sons are dead, it is all over. This source says that Hussein is also dead.

11. Ben Laden is also dead or at least very sick and Al Qaeda is mostly finished.

12. The Roadmap is not expected to lead anywhere. Even now it is not being followed. Mainly, it is a diversion while all these other things are going on. Most Palestinians over 30 long for the days before Oslo when they had it better than ever. Over time they will shift to the policies of Mazen away from Arafat.

13. The fence will soon be finished. The Palestinians are very worried about it because they know to survive economically they must work in Israel. The fence prevents that.

14. The final settlement is very unclear at the moment.

15. It may be that Jordan will merge with Iraq and King Hussein will reign. This is good because the Palestinians in Jordan will no longer be in majority and both Iraq and Jordan will be stable with the fall of Iran and with Syria changing its stripes.

16. The territories may go over to this new entity so that it will be self-sufficient with Iraqi oil supporting Jordan, the territories and Iraq.

17. Iraq will greatly increase oil production, which will lower the price of oil to $16.00 per barrel. This will bankrupt Saudi Arabia. Surprised?

18. The US is planning on buying more oil from West Africa thereby lessening their dependence on Saudi oil. That�s why Africa is now of interest to the US.

19. The report that is being released on Thursday July 24th on 9/11 will blow the lid off Saudi support for terror even with the key parts are blacked out. The full story will slowly come out. The Saudis are the biggest backers of terrorism in the world and the US knows it. Many influential people are in bed with the Saudis starting with Bush Sr.. The State Department is corrupted and continually protects the Saudis but all that will change over the next year. This is a huge story, which will spawn many books.

20. The Saudis are now being sued for one trillion dollars and the Saudi royal family is very worried about the lawsuit because the plaintiff has enough facts to sink them. The State Department is try to protect them.

21. And Israel is sitting pretty.

well, one comment. #21 certainly fits with my characterization of the guiding philosophy of neo-conservativism, ie. pursue Israel's self interests to the exception of all else. Thus we extend our hegemony over the region by proxy (a very Cold War-inspired idea). The list above reads likeit was taken straight from a neo-con texxtbook on the domino effect, where all major players are so cowed by American power that they all fall into line - behind Israel.

UPDATE: I should have clarified that I think the entire thing above is abject nonsense by Israpundit. I respect but strongly disagree with neo-conservative theory, which sees Israel (and soon, Iraq) as a regional proxy for American hegemony. What Israpundit has concocted above is, though superficially similar, completely insane.

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