game over for Qusai and Ebay

Steven has a roundup of less than enthusiastic reactions[1] to the Big News.

I have to admit that my opinion on the deaths of Qusai and Ebay [2] pretty much are in line with local Houston radio conservative, Chris Baker. We should drag the bodies through the streets to prove they are dead to the Iraqi populace. I mean its fine for we Americans to believe verbatim what our Holy Media say (remember both times Saddam died previously?) but we need to leverage the deaths of the Twins Prime Evil right away for the benefit of the Iraqi audience.

Damn good news, though. It will have an effect on the guerilla war, as Tacitus points out (see this WaPo article for more), and might encourage any fearful Iraqi scientists with some info on those fabled WMDs to speak out at last[3].

[1] I wonder if Bush will confirm it using 16 words?
[2] well, I thought it was funny. thpbt.
[3] they'll probably just confirm that Clinton ridded Iraqof them back in Operation Desert Fox:

MISSION: To strike military and security targets in Iraq that contribute to Iraq's ability to produce, store, maintain and deliver weapons of mass destruction.

MISSION GOALS: To degrade Saddam Hussein's ability to make and to use weapons of mass destruction. To diminish Saddam Hussein's ability to wage war against his neighbors. To demonstrate to Saddam Hussein the consequences of violating international obligations.

PRIMARY MISSION ASSETS: The operation employs U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps aircraft flying from the decks of the USS ENTERPRISE; U.S. Air Force and Royal Air Force aircraft operating from land bases in the region; and Tomahawk cruise missiles launched from U.S. Navy ships at sea and United States Air Force B-52s.

seems like Desert Fox was a success, according to the British (whose word the current Adminstration takes very highly. Blair was in charge back then, too).

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