why freedom matters

15 months ago, the reasons I love America took on a tangible, personified form:

It's for her that I cherish our freedom, it's for her that I love my country. My country will give her the chance to be whatever she wants. It will allow her to practice our faith freely, to have drems and ambitions, to speak out and to express herself and have her ideas taken on their merits, not filtered by her gender or her race.

It's for her that I care passionately about our democracy - and why I support Howard Dean. It's her future, not mine - and I want it to be filled with hope and health and the bounty of nature, not the bills come due for military adventurism and quagmire.

It's for her that I care about what happens to my community, to my state, and to my nation. Because they will be her community, state, and nation.

and it's for her, ultimately, that I blog. Happy Independence Day!

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