stating the obvious :

So why are movies and video games booming while the music business, pop culture's trend-setter of the past several decades, is in such a funk? The people who run record companies gloomily blame the Internet. But if you ask music and movie lovers, you get a very different answer. Consumers adore DVDs, which offer cool packaging and lots of interactive extras; they loathe CDs, which they say are grossly over-priced and padded with filler.

Funny how the corporate executives always seem to have their head up their posteriors in a magical fantasy world where the consumers are the enemy, the employees are expected to be honest slaves, and they can do no sin. If your business model fails, it can't possibly be because you have arrogant marketing, ignore your customers' wants, and have routinely been engaging in shady financial dealings to inflate your bottom line. It's probably because your customers are ungrateful thieves who must be controlled at all costs, your employees are dead weight who must be laid off, and your CEO is underpaid and needs more stock options.

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