Scoobie Davis deconstructs
Ann Coulter's comments on the "religious right"

Like all propagandists, conservatives create mythical enemies to justify their own viciousness and advance their agenda. There is no bogeyman that strikes greater terror on the right than the apocryphal �media left.� The phrase is a meaningless concept, an inverted construct of the right�s own Marquis de Sade lifestyle. It functions as a talismanic utterance to rally the faithful against anyone who disagrees with the well-organized religious right.

oops. I seem to have switched some of the words around in the quotation. It reads better this way. Actually, it reads just about the same. :)

Scoobie's commentary is thorough. I think Ann Coulter's book has done a lot of sbtle damage to the conservative position, by blatantly spouting such transparently partisan attempts at justifying the conservative extremists' viewpoints, that it serves as a lightning rod for fact-checking. Note the total lack of any such fact-checking by those on the Right. This damages their credibility - and is part of a trend. For example, few bothered to denounce Cal Thomas' moral equivalence statements about the Pledge of Allegiance being just as bad as 9-11. Only a few rightists like Volokh bothered to critique.

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