Let me get this straight.

President Bush will
not support the international court because it could theoretically strip US citizens of their Constitutional rights.

Well, I support that action. I don't care if the Europeans are upset. Den Beste says it beste:

The problem is that in Europe their Constitutions are all relatively recent (if they have Constitutions at all) and they are set up in such a way that they can be changed rather easily. Usually all that's required is a legislative measure which may require some sort of super-majority. They do not understand what the US Constitution means to us; they think that we can just ignore it or modify it as necessary, and that we should do so in order to be team players.

And in fact the warblog crowd is also full of strong supportive statements like this. Presumably, Bush supports the Constitution. Then what about eth Jose Padilla case? Here we have a US citizen being detained without any consideration of his rights (while Zacarious Moussasoui, a non-citizen, ironically is enjoying the full freedom of the rule of law, as he should be).

Bush is a hypocrite. And those who support his refusal of the International Criminal Court should also take him to task for the detainment of Padilla. And those who support him are also hypocrites if they are so fervently dedicated to Constitutional freedoms in one case and blithely ignore them in the second.

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