NZ Bear has a link to the BBC article today that mentions how Ayatollah Ali Khameini has seen the Light.

In "support" of Taheri's resignation and angry denunciations of the theocratic rule (subsequently censored in Iranian media), Khameini told Ayatollah Taheri that he agrees with him:

"I also have been saying for several years that we have to mobilise all possible means to fight poverty and corruption," Ayatollah Khamenei said.

He also addressed other matters raised by the cleric, such as creating jobs for the young.

But he warned: "Any unjust criticism encourages enemies and counter-revolutionaries who benefit from the support of the United States and Israel".

I find this disturbing. If anything, I think it's a co-opting of the message away from the topic of oppression towards talk of "corruption and poverty". The Ayatollah clearly knows that the demonstrations a few days ago were not about poverty!

If Taheri's message is seen as against the regime itself, that is a step forward. It will embolden the masses and erode the control of the theocrats.

But if Taheri is harnessed politically to simply become a critique of
internal institutional problems, then that's an implicit validation of the theocracy. Its a choice between saying "the theocracy is bad and must be abolished" or saying "the theocracy has its problems and lets fix them".

It's like rope a dope. Except this time it's freedom that's the Foreman :(

and note the reference to the US and Israel, to serve as the Outside Bogeyman. And as for actual acknowledgement of Taheri's critique of the theocracy - nothing to see here. Move along...

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