David Horowitz has some Disturbing Holiday Thoughts :

A second thought provoked by this event is whether Democratic Majority Leader Tom Daschle bears some responsibility for this attack. If the attack was not initiated by any terrorist organization and was indeed the work of a lone gunman desiring to advance the Islamicist cause, is it not probable that the government alert about a July 4th attack actually inspired his actions? And isn�t it the Bush Administration�s fear of being demagogued again by Daschle and the Democrats that caused the warnings to be issued even though there was no evidence of a specific plan for an attack? This very possibility illustrates the dangers of partisan demagoguery by national leaders in time of war. Let�s hope Mr. Daschle thinks about this incident and has second thoughts as a result.

This is almost as bad as Cal Thomas's claim that the Pledge of Allegiance ruling was worse than 9-11. At least Horowitz does admit that the periodic "terror alerts" that we are subjected to are completely meaningless, though.

It's clear that the Right has its share of un-American fifth-columnists :) Throw in Ann Coulter and you've got a trifecta. They go through unbelievable contortions to blame all the ills of the world on their political enemies, for purely partisan reasons. They cloak themselves in the language of patriotism but are really trying to play upon the fears of Americans, counting that they can incite at least some portion of the conservative base. This draws them revenue and holds their audience, but actually degrades the level of public debate. It also damages the conservative cause, by creating absurd straw men that dominate the debate instead of allowing the central tenets of conservatism to be debated on their merits.

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