The Creeping Fear

that's the rumored title to the third Star Wars prequel - which I am still boycotting.

SAVE STAR WARS! Boycott Episode III!

BTW, the Pod Race in Episode I still ruled, despite what all you naysayers claim (add Brian to that list). Just to stoke the fanboy flamewar, I shall reprint my argument from the comments of that previous post, that Episode I was a masterpiece, equal to Return of the Jedi:

I thought Episode 1 was a masterpiece, frankly, It had everything I expoect from Star Wars. The Pod Race was by far the most amazing action sequence in ALL of the Star Wars film canon. And the lightsaber duel at the end - including Qui Gon's death - was the glory days of the Jedi made real.

Episode II lacked the same depth. It was a bunch of highly detailed backgrounds, but lacked focus - it wanted to be too many kinds of movies. It wanted to be a love story, it tried to be a detective story, it hinted at political intrigue.

And the most important scene of all, where Anakin slaughters the tusken raiders, was done off-camera in a way that robbed it of its emotional impact.

Overall, I wouldnt say Episode 2 sucked. It was just bland. But the entire concept of these prequels is irrelevant to my feelings about the original trilogy. The original trilogy is part of my psyche. This trilogy - even if it was masterful and perfect - could simply never achieve that kind of mythic stature. Its simply 20 years too late.

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