the UNMEDIA Star Wars boycott threat gets results

from AICN, comes this tidbit from one of their sources:

I just wanted to let you guys in on a little bit of information regarding the Original Trilogy. There has been talk about George Lucas not releasing the classic trilogy in its 'original' form (not the 'Special Edition') and even more talk about the original versions not even existing anymore. Well, I finished 'Rebel Strike' for the GameCube and at the end of the game they show the end celebration scene from 'Return of the Jedi.' Except that it isn't the one from the "Special Edition." It's the original cut with the original ewok music in it's full crisp dvd-quality widescreen glory! I was surprised and very pleased to say the least. Could this mean that the rumours about the Original Trilogy being released on DVD in 2004, in it's original form are true? Could the people at LucasArts have inserted this clip as a bit of a teaser of things to come? One can only hope...."

Is it possible that ol' George may go back on his word and please the fans with the "orginal" original trilogy after all...???

another rumor site notes that "A friend of mine subscribes to Electronic Gaming Monthly and it clearly states [in the article] that the footage that is used in the new Star Wars game Rebel Strike is digitally remastered and taken from the DVD 'to be released next fall.'"

it IS possible that the original original trilogy may be released on DVD next fall! see, I knew that my Episode III boycott had teeth ;)

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