Schlitterbahn !!!

It's official!

Water park gets the all-clear to start construction in Galveston

ABC13 Eyewitness News

(5/05/04 - GALVESTON, TX) � It's now official -- Schlitterbahn is coming to Galveston.

The planning commission on Tuesday gave the New Braunfels-based company the green light to break ground. Officials say the $30 million water park will be constructed on 25 acres at the Galveston airport.

Construction could begin as early as this summer and the goal is to have it finished within a year.

That means my daughter will be three years old when it opens - the perfect age to introduce her to the water :) We already go to the beach (Stewart Beach) but a water park is a whole different animal... can't wait :)

Of course, we still need to go to Sea World this summer. Once my wife's schedule clears up and finishes third year, we really need to get to San Antonio and show the baby the whales...

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