airport blogging

Not Narita, where I paid 500 yen for a supposed one-day pass, but could never find an unencrypted network to connect to in teh terminal proper. Actually, I am blogging from Houston IAH, waiting for my ride to pick me up. I am leeching off the signal from the Continental business lounge :)

The trip is over. In an hour I will see my daughter again after a whole week! Much to exhausted and ready to be home rather than blog or write about the trip, or even to publish the still-requiring-editing posts I drafted offline. I have many, many photos as well which require some commentary.

Still, it was a good trip, my still-unblogged food travails aside. I spent the rest of Friday in Kyoto (and made it to Rakusho for the warabi mochi) and Saturday in Tokyo, and covered quite a lot of ground. The world events I am up on are PM Kozumi's secret one-day summit with Kim Jong il and my lucky escape from Typhoon Nida.

The trip back was uneventful and I am heartily glad to almost be home. Expect some additional post-trip blog entries as I slowly work my way through my material and finish writing the entries. But normal political blogging and such will hopefully commence soon as well :)

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TP said...

Glad you made it; hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.