Kyoto-blogging: departing Houston

statue of George H.W. Bush, commemorating his service to our nation in the Air ForceI had forgoten how empty international terminals are most of the time. It took me a few minutes, but I managed to find a seat next to a power outlet. I am on Continental flight 7, departing at 10:50 AM, and boarding begins in about an hour, whic is enough time to top up the battery charge on the laptop. This should suffice for the duration of the flight.

That's a statue of the former President, for whom the Bush Intercontinental Airport is named. President Bush served his country well, and in my opinion deserves the recognition. The contrast between father and son, however, is best left unsaid.

I am looking forward to this flight - my dad, addicted to real-time flight monitoring online, told me that the flight path will pass far north, crossing Alaska at about 5pm Houston time, crossing the Bering Sea, and then coming down the full length of the Siberian coast (Kamchatka) and northern Japan to Tokyo. Arrival should be about 1:30 AM or so Houston time. With my window seat (thanks, Seat Guru!) I hope to get some decent photos during the daylight part.

I'll update this post after I board the flight and have something worth mentioning :) But internet access to actually publish the post to the site will have to wait until I reach wi-fi-enabled Narita International.

Boarding call! Time to phone home one last time...

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