Kyoto-blogging: shinkansen punctuality

From a Shinkansen FAQ, found while trying to arrange my Nozumi reservations:

Q: What is the minimum interval between shinkansen trains?
A: On the Sanyo Shinkansen, trains running at 300km/h require a minimum interval of 3 minutes 45 seconds between the train in front. On the Tokaido Shinkansen, where the maximum speed is 270km/h, this is 3 minutes 30 seconds.

Q: What is the minimum unit of time used in official working timetables?
A: 15 seconds.

Q: What is the official definition of "lateness" used on shinkansen trains?
A: A train is officially recorded as "late" if it does not arrive at the specified time. The average lateness per train on the Tokaido Shinkansen in 1999 was 24 seconds.


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