it's rare that I condemn anyone in public, but a regular commentator here on UNMEDIA has just disgraced himself:

#47 Joshua Scholar 11/25/2003 10:11AM PST

I would add, "do Israelis have a right to self defense?"

I think there's lots of "moderate" muslims that would agree to most of what you said, but in their hearts believe that jihadis are doing the work of God, that Jews are evil and prove it whenever they try to protect themselves and their children from attack.

I think even the venerable Aziz Poonwalla fails that test.

emphasis mine. I've never been slandered so brutally in my life. I'm utterly disgusted and profoundly disappointed by Joshua's behavior. On Eid ul-Fitr of all days, he chooses to go behind my back and spread pure libel? why? to score some cheap points with the shrill bigots infesting the comments at LGF? I can't believe I ever offered him the opportunity to guest-post here and I'm thankful he never bothered to accept.

Joshua is welcome to his sick belief system. Unless he becomes abusive, I won't ban this deceitful creature from commenting on my site, but I certainly won't ever engage him in conversation again.

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