resurgence of the conserva-fascists

A Holocaust Museum in Indiana was torched yesterday. The place burned down, and graffitti on teh wal proclaimed, "Remember Timmy McVeigh".

"Remember Timmy McVeigh" - yes, indeed. White, supremacist christian militia member. Intellectual heir to the Klu Klux Klan. The target demographic of Ann Coulter's photo shoot and erudite literature.

and anti-Semitic, of course. There is a cancer growing within the American Right. Conservatives will denounce the act, but will deny that their ideologies have any connection. But some arguments are a double-edged sword indeed...

UPDATE: Jews are the canary in the coal mine for fascism's rise. And dont tell me that the Right is one monolithic bloc and that Bush's strong support of Israel somehow negates the anti semtism endemic to its xenophobic wing. This country's Christian terrorists have much blood on their hands, and all too often it's been blacks and jews whose blood stains their robes.

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