Diana Moon returns

and her views have evolved in both subtle and non ways. I don't think this is the same person who raged at Tacitus and myself a few months ago. this post is the epitome of the kind of self-reflection - and unanswered questions - that the blogsphere seems to lack most of these days. Part of it reads:

How do you view the Israeli-Palestinian dispute?

Have you heard that saying, "it's right against right"? I look at it this way: "it's wrong against wrong." You've got two sort of trumped up identities, neither of which existed 60 years ago, spewing agit-prop and hate against one another, both of them on behalf of national identities that are in the long run completely untenable. And then you've got these packs of bloggers, mostly pro-Israel, but a few on the other side, totally trashing the very concept of empathy for the other side. Most of them are deeply ignorant, and I got tired of being associated with them. Two of them didn't even know that Israel doesn't have civil marriage.

No comments threads, unfortunately. An intriguing evolution of perspective - Diana used to be firmly on the Meryl Yourish side of the fence. I wonder what she'd make of my writings on the topic now.

Anyway, Moon's blog is going to be one to watch for a while....

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