Saudi values


If the translation is to be believed (and frankly, I do), the advert reads (in an official Saudi newspaper):

For exchange in Ha'il:

a Dodge car model 1991 to be exchanged with a female servant (New one) serilankan or indian.

phone no# : (etc..)

Abu Fahd

(I invite corrections to the translation above). Any speculation on what is meant by "new one" ?

via LGF. No I don't link to specific enries, because the comments are indeed a cesspool. But reading the main page of LGF is indispensable.

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modaman said...

Hay..I read ur comment...Saudi Values.....anyways these quys r asking for a servent with a new visa, since there r many who have expire or no visas at all. New visas are pretty expensive, thats why these guys are willing to exchange the car for her services.

In any case, do not be tempted to ridicule a WHOLE country's values just because you don't understand or because want to have a laugh or because you hate something, in the end, Saudi is like any other country, including where u came from, it has the good and the bad.