water flows uphill

A British inventor has created a garden that features a series of cascading waterfalls - where water flows uphill[1]. On display at the Chelsea flower show, it is inspiring all sorts of speculation:

It is a trick which has greatly intrigued the crowds at the Chelsea Flower Show, where Dyson's work is part of the Daily Telegraph's Silver Gilt award-winning garden. People have been queuing up 10-deep to see the fountain, says Mr Phillips, many of them discussing their various ideas as to how it works.

"I stand a discreet distance away and listen to some of their theories - there are some fantastic ideas there, some of them I actually wish I could make.

"One person was saying that they thought the water was actually travelling the other way - they were wondering how I was managing to get a water jet to shoot up to the top of the glass."

I'd love to see this thing in person. I just need to figure out an excuse to visit Murtz!

[1]Inspired by M.C. Escher's "Ascending and Descending" lithograph (1960).

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