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I think I may have discovered the single funniest blog in the Blogverse.

on the threat posed by Iraq:

Chuck at Little Green Footballs writes: "Neither the protester holding this sign nor the Reuters copy editor who captioned the photo have any idea of the historical significance of its message, or what it says about the so-called 'anti-war movement.'� I couldn't have said it better myself. The threat posed by Saddam's Iraq is exactly that posed by Hitler's Germany in 1938.

Certainly, no country can be expected to stand up against the sheer force of Saddam's panzer divisions and luftwaffe when -- and that is a "when"-- he launches his blitzkrieg. I cannot believe that anyone who has any understanding of history could stand by silently as Saddam prepares to march his crack Baathist shock troops to reoccupy the Northern no-fly zones. Today it may be Mosul, but tomorrow it will be Warsaw. This formidable Iraqi war machine must be stopped now.

and on the true victims of rape:

The sad thing is that feminism has taken such a strong hold in this country that many people want to now blame rape on the men who commit it. Can you imagine that? How can a man resist assaulting a woman who's flaunting her body by wearing shorts, a tank top, or even a nun's habit? It's almost as bad as seeing a bulge in a man's jeans. We have no ability to restrain ourselves. The Lord made us that way.

and on how Seuss promotes sodomy:

Mr. Brown is gone for awhile living the bachelor life in the city. When he finally comes back. He's not alone. He's walking arm in arm with the mysterious Mr Black. Mrs. Brown is never mentioned again...So what happened? I think it's pretty obvious. Mr. Brown went off to the big city where he was recruited into homosexuality by the crafty Mr. Black. All this becomes clear when we learn that "Mr. Brown is upside down". His life's been changed. It's topsy turvy.

Don't miss the Presidential Action Figures or the Administration Holy Cards. This is satire on The Onion's level!

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