whistling Dixie

via Atrios, I found this petition against the planned statue of Abe Lincoln in Richmond, VA:

We call on the National Park Service & the U.S. Historical Society to STOP their attempt to place a statue of Abraham Lincoln in Richmond at the National Park Service Headquarters at Tredegar Iron Works. The signers below publicly acknowledge our strong and eternal opposition to this supreme insult to Richmond, the State of Virginia and all of Dixie. Brag Bowling, the SCV Virginia Commander described it best as a �slap in the face of brave men and women who went through four years of unbelievable hell fighting an invasion of Virginia led by President Lincoln".
A statue to this politician is no more appropriate in Richmond than one celebrating Sherman who burned Atlanta to the ground or one glorifying the evil Third Reich to Hitler in Tel Aviv.

Abe Lincoln equated to Hitler? The United States of America, compared to the third Reich? Why is all this anti-American fifth-column treasonous hyperbole not openly vilified by conservatives?

Interestingly, an article about the fracas in the Washington Post mentions that a Virginia law forbids Union markings from being added to Confederate memorials. So, it would be illegal in Virginia to fly the US Flag from a Civil War memorial?

There are some rather funny comments on Atrios' post, including one wondering "why do Virginians hate America?" and another guessing that $5 bills are going to be banned in Richmond next :) there are also excellent links and more background information.

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