get your money

You do realize that the music industry owes you $20, right?

This Web site was established to provide information about a proposed Settlement of lawsuits brought by Attorneys General of 43 states, Commonwealths and Territories, and by counsel for the Plaintiff Settlement Class entitled In re: Compact Disc Minimum Advertised Price Antitrust Litigation.

The lawsuits, which are currently pending in the United States District Court for the District of Maine, relate to the retail pricing of prerecorded music compact discs, cassettes or vinyl albums (collectively known as prerecorded Music Products).

You may be a member of the Settlement Group and your rights against Defendants may be affected if you are a person or entity that purchased these prerecorded Music Products from a retail store during the period of January 1, 1995 through December 22, 2000.
If you are a member of the Settlement Group, you do not need to take action, although to share in the Settlement Fund you must file a Claim Form as discussed below. If the Court approves the proposed Settlement you will receive the benefits of the proposed Settlement and you will be bound by all orders and judgments of the Court and your claims against the Defendants for the conduct alleged in these actions will be resolved and released.

If you bought a CD in the US between 1995 and 2000, you are entitled to up to $20 as part of a court-mandated settlement over the labels' illegal price-fixing. Just fill out the claim form and the RIAA will mail you a check.

The only way to deter price-fixing by the music industry is to make them pay restitution. Sign up and make them feel the pain. This might help pressure them towards a saner and ultimately profitable policy of encouraging peer to peer systems and micropayments.

The money was yours in the first place.

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