inflection point

Dwight Meredith makes a far subtler case than William Saletan did back in 2000 - or that I did back in August.

But the overall theme is there - Bush's honeymoon with the press, and the fearful obeisance by liberals in the media, is over. And we bloggers who have been in the forefront of principled, rational critique of Bush (as opposed to the knee-jerk anti-Bush crowd), have correspondingly higher responsibility to make our case.

I've critiqued Bush many times - and poked fun a few times as well. But all Bush critics are indebted to Dwight for his routinely thorough and systematic posts.

What would be truly useful would be a colloborative blog, akin to NoWarBlog (called, NoBushBlog?) where critiques against Bush could be organized and browseable and serachable (would need to be hosted on Movable Type). I know I have at least a dozen
posts that I could contribute, but there are so many other more dedicated bloggers out there that the site would rapidly become an inexhaustible resource.

And a potent weapon in 2004...

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