There is no God but Allah

Brian has some rather derisive comments about an observation by a muslim on the Ar-Rahman list, that the Azaan is continually being recited around the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and will continue until the Day of Judgement:

If we were to ponder over this phenomenon seriously and studiously, we would conclude the amazing fact that: 'There is not a single moment when thousands if not hundreds of thousands of Muazzins around the world are not proclaiming the Oneness of Almighty Allah and the Apostleship of the noble Prophet Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam on the surface of this earth!' Insha-Allah, this universal and continuous calling of the Azaan shall not cease until the Day of Judgement, and we should all make du`a for the same, AMEEN.

This seems fairly obvious, but it has less to do with the fact that the Earth is round and much more to do with celebration of the essential nature of Tauhid - the Oneness of Allah. Tauhid is the root of the Muslim's belief. From my perspective, I find this to be a deeply moving observation.

I'm studying for my PhD in MRI physics, I was born in Chicago, I lust after a PS2 and I drive a 2002 Ford Explorer, so I have all my yuppie genX westernized american credentials in place. Still, it moved me. It isn't a cultural thing, it's a religious one, and attaining a level of understanding about the framework of Islam has perhaps made me attuned to the message of this insight in a way that others can't understand. STill I am an optimist, and I am sure I could explain the reasons why this insight affected me so deeply, if I had the words. For now, though, I am contentto bask in it, and leave the explaining to others, if they desire to. I am content to have found it and for that I owe Brian thanks.

UPDATE 090402: Bill says that Qutb (of Qubism/Wahabism fame) would hate me, because of my dual identities as an avowed Westernist and a committed Muslim. This is a compliment of the highest order :)

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