civil disobedience in the occupied territories

The suicide bombers get more press. But the ordinary Palestinians, the ones that warbloggers tell you are commited to the destruction of Israel, have far more mundane concerns. And they are resisting in a moral and righteous manner - by breaking curfew with tin pans.

Last night was amazing here. About 11:45pm in Al-Bireh/Ramallah, following the 6th full day of 24-hr curfew (today was day 7), every family started turning on their home lights and all that could be heard were pots and pans banging in the cool night. At around midnight some brave souls, a few hundred, broke the curfew and headed to the center of town, beating on light poles and anything tin and metal. Palestinian civil disobedience has begun! If we were Eastern Europeans, and not Palestinians, CNN would have made it their lead story. For 45 minutes a pitch dark Ramallah awoke and rang out to the world - enough curfew, enough destruction - enough is enough. The IDF tanks and jeeps ran around in chaos, not knowing which street to attack...some soldiers just shot live rounds in the air out of frustration. Other jeeps just sped through the streets and turned their sirens full blast trying to drown out the pots and pans---they failed. I can only wonder what this sounded like to the illegal settlers at the illegal settlement Pesgot across the valley from my bedroom window.
These actions last night led to more people peaceful breaking the curfew today. A few store owners opened for business using their back door and under cover from the entire neighborhood. Wives and mothers, Abeer included, headed out to get the bare necessities. Stores were low on supply but offered a ration to all. The curfew is falling apart one street at a time. A neighborhood school opened on our street today - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade students all cram in one room to 'play' school. Areen refused to go, she says her school is Friends Girls School and nothing can substitute. We try to make up some lessons at home and a teacher friend on this list from Australia sends Areen lessons on a regular basis. Long live the Internet.

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