Alligator Alley continued

more information from CNN.

Florida authorities were told to be on the lookout for the students, who were traveling in two cars, after the woman told police she heard one of the men asking, "Do you think we have enough to bring it down?" Another one of the men replied, "If we don't have enough to bring it down, I have contacts and we can get enough to bring it down."

The woman, Eunice Stone, said she was certain that meant the men wanted "to blow up something."

Brett Newkirk, a lawyer representing the students, said there was a legitimate explanation for what Stone overheard.

"Omer had a car that he wanted to have shipped down so that he could use it in Florida, to have it brought down -- 'Do you think we could bring the car down?' -- and he has some contacts that might get the car down," he said

What Stone overheard was in reference to bringing a car "down" to Florida. Also, via Cursor, transcripts of what they said, and what she said.

UPDATE: Toll plaza video proves that the med students did pay the toll. (via Eschaton)


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