Qibla locator mashup with Google Maps

This is a beautiful piece of work - the online Qibla Locator, developed by Ibn Mas'ud:

(click to visit the site). He describes the project and provides a bug tracking history on his blog:

I’ve been working on a little project utilizing the google maps api to make a Qibla direction locator. It works almost exactly like google maps except that it displays an overlay pointing towards the Qibla. The direction in degrees from North is also given at the bottom of the page. Another one of the nice features is a map-in-map view much like pic-in-pic view found on most new TV sets. As this is pretty much a work in progress, I’m sure you’ll notice many bugs. Please do let me know.

This is a wonderful example of using technology in service of faith. Of course, it should be noted that the tool only works on the surface of the planet earth. If you are in orbit, it might get more complicated. And if you are on another planet entirely, then Qibla might become a symbolic direction rather than a literal one:

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