inflection point

Regardless of your reckoning, Ramadan is about halfway over. This means that we are now leaving, not entering Ramadan - that the divine window is closing, not opening wider. The believer must ask themselves, how have they spent Ramadan thus far? Every hour ahead is a reflection of an hour that went before, so if the inflection point is a mirror then let us seek to improve what is reflected therein.

I've not completed the three siparas of the Qur'an I wanted to finish by now - I assumed that I'd finish them and then begin another three at the same pace. I also have not succeeded in memorizing the surahs on Juz Amma up to La Uqsemo. These were my personal benchmarks for achievement this Ramadan, and if I am to complete them, I must redouble my efforts.

Muslim, wake up! I am trying.

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