muslims are cockroaches

muslims are cockroaches according to Columbus Dispatch

This cartoon by Michael Ramirez ran in the Columbus, Ohio Dispatch on Tuesday, September 4th 2007. The Dispatch printed an outraged letter to the editor about the cartoon today. The artist won a Pulitzer Prize in 1994 for editorial cartoons. However, his cartoons have a history of being offensive without the requisite editorial clarity; a previous cartoon he drew of a jew and muslim praying to the word Hate would have been a good one, but came across as being anti-Semitic the way it was drawn. If the artists's message is obscured by his own art, then the fault lies with the artist, not the audience. If there's a rational editorial comment to be made about his latest cartoon, it's not readily apparent to me.

via C&L


Ronald Coleman said...


When non-Muslims say "all Muslims support terrorism," you get justifiedly offended.

But when an editorial cartoonist draws what are obviously meant to be depictions of Iranian terrorists, you decry him as offending all Muslims!

Aziz Poonawalla said...

I'm willing to believe that the artists intended the cartoon as you interpreted it, but it's far from obvious to me.

And that's his fault, not mine.