Muslim typecasting

You are a shia
You are a SHIA. You are devoted to the Prophet and
the 12 Imams, pray on a clay disk, and may or
may not beat yourself in Muharram. Everyone
hates you, by the way.

What Muslim stereotype are you?
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props to Sister Scorpion for the quiz. Minor quibbles: I'm actually Ismaili, so it's 21 Imams and I pray on a cloth rug, not a clay disk. I do beat myself in Muharram, but don't draw blood. Just bruises. Otherwise, that about covers it. BTW, The Wahhabi cartoon is hilarious!

I noticed that Sister Soljah, by virtue of posting her quiz results, seemed to attract the usual inane muslim poseurs to her comment thread. My condolences. As Zack says, there seems to be an irony deficiency in the Ummah.

And yeah, everyone hates us. tawakilt ala allah...

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Leila M. said...

ahhh I don't know enough about Ismai'lis to really draw one up, so I went for the generic, lol. I also left out "sunni" since it'd be too hard to come up with a consistent characterization.

I guess some folks didn't like it, perhaps I need a longer disclaimer, along with an essay with daleel as to why it's not intended to divide the ummah.

or maybe not. meh. I'm glad you liked it, though- thanks