discourse unchained

The debate at RedState has been remarkably well-composed in the face of a seeming invasion by extremist trolls from the far right of the spectrum. Some long-term commentators are routinely unpleasant, but recently there has been a spike in egregiously stereotypical wingnut commentary. Examples: a snit about the GOP tent being too big, a viciously-timed racist attack on the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. (which I troll-rated and now appears to have been deleted, thankfully), and the suggestion that we nuke Iran. These are growing pains which I am sure the admin team will eventually recognize need to be be dealt with proactively. The regular commentators at RS responded admirably to these events as well, so there certainly is enough community policing. For now. Without a consistent set of guidelines for using the ratings system (example), however, as RS grows further it will be harder and harder to manage the crapflood.

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