Brass Crescent Awards update

UPDATE: Voting has begun! The online form is now open - note that email confirmation is required, but all emails will be dicarded after the final tally.

Online Voting Form for the Brass Crescent Awards

The nominations period for the Brass Crescent Awards ends today! You can submit your last-minute nominations to this thread: Nominations for the Brass Crescent Awards

Some clarifications on the noination process: you can nominate as many blogs as you want to each category, self-nominations are especially encouraged for Best Post and Best Series, and blogs authored by non-muslims are eligible to be nominated (and non-muslims are expressly invited to make nominations).

The nominations will be tallied and posted here at City of Brass and at AltMuslim.com tomorrow (Saturday). The voting process will begin on Monday at AltMuslim.com and will continue for the full week. We will announce the winners in each category the following Monday.

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